Ottod’ame hails from the Renaissance capital of the world, Florence. This easy to wear label which proudly creates beautiful clothing from natural sustainable fibres for the fashion-forward woman is also 100% Italian made.
Ottod’ame has flagship stores in both Florence and the Marais district in Paris. In a difficult global climate for fashion, this label has bucked the trend and has continued its rapid growth. With a light and completely wearable feel, Ottod’ame has an inextricable synergy with the Australian and New Zealand woman and our lifestyle.

The Ottod’ame Philisophy:
Eight years.
Of vision and history.
around thinking and seeking,
feeling and composing
the traces of a flavour, hidden,
of a secret motif.
Eight minutes.
For a ray of sunlight that reaches our face, caressing it.
Eight hours.
For a day that runs slowly through to night.
Eight faces.
For a story that tells us of everyone and no one.
Eight steps.
For a letter that becomes something else.
Eight ways.
For a life that finds its path.

A magical number
the vital breath,
An open formula,
the infinite journey.
Towards lightness.
In things, into the world.
Otto d’ame. Eight women.
Who infuse the soul,
who put heart
in what they do.
Who put body,
that bring life
to a delicate dream.
The beauty from within.


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