Classically trained in pattern making and draping, Roxanne Heptner founded Wilt in 2009 on a mission to create a line of beautifully shaped, uncomplicated tees. Clean lines, uneven hems and playful proportions that would give women a soft, lived-in alternative to what was not being offered in the market.

Since the beginning, we’ve drawn inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi. “A beauty of things imperfect, unfinished and evolving.”

Wilt garments are made with a tailor’s attention to detail. Every garment is draped on the body to get fit and fold. Wilt’s hemline inventions are unique silhouettes catalogued by offbeat names like the big backslant, the shrunken boyfriend and the fishtail.

Wilt garments are designed, fit and sewn in LA. Our finishing and coloration processes give every garment a unique look. Make from strong, natural fibers and cottons, Wilt tees can be washed, and worn like a favorite pair of beat-up jeans. Each batch is garment-dyed and preshrunk resulting in a garment that holds the essence of color yet maintains the perfect fit. Wilt pushes the boundaries with our unexpected hemlines, our appreciation of the essence of color and washes that contribute to our signature lived-in look. Most importantly Wilt has a fit that has loyalists always coming back for more!


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