Transit is internationalist. Those who wear Transit are the same whether we meet them in metropolis of Tokyo, the streets of Paris, the towns of Italy. A transcending casual elegance, timeless in style, exquisite in fabrication and unparalleled in quality.

Transit Par-Such, the women’s brand, established in the 1980s is designed & produced exclusively in Italy by Tam & Company, a renowned family company. The TRANSIT Uomo range for men was introduced in 2001. A product bearing the same hallmarks as Transit Par-Such

The leading-edge research is reflected in the uniqueness of fabrics and fabrication. Coupled with the careful husbanding of the distribution network, aiming at exclusive specialty stores, Transit has been taken into the most prestigious streets in the world.

With 83% of manufacture exported to 24 countries around the globe, Transit is International, made in Italy.

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